Terms & Conditions
All the terms and conditions for the store.

Creating something beautiful from something once thought of as worthless is a skill truly reserved for a passionate and artistic few. If you have created products out of waste are looking to sell them, share the products with us and we will help your products reach our community of upcycling enthusiasts. REFASH is a marketplace for upcycled products and we work on a drop ship model where we will be forwarding all orders directly to you to fulfil.

This is an agreement between REFASH and Seller for listing and selling the
products of the Vendor on www.refash.in.

1. REFASH will provide you with a Seller Dashboard to enlist your brand’s products on www.refash.in with all product details, delivery time and price. It is your responsibility to ensure accurate data is uploaded to the Seller Dashboard.

2. REFASH will send an order confirmation to you on the receipt of an order.

3. You will have the stipulated time that you have chosen to complete the order. It is your responsibility to fulfil the order within the stipulated time period. In case of delay of order, you will need to inform REFASH immediately so that the same can be communicated to the customer.

4. REFASH will coordinate with you for execution of the order between you and the customer, however, it will be your responsibility to complete the order within the stipulated time period.

5. Any delays and cancellations due to delay will be borne by

REFASH will be charging 35% commission as a markdown from the MRP that you submit to us. In case the brand wants Refash to take care of listing their collection on our dashboard, the commission percentage will be higher.

7. REFASH will be making payments to you by the 15th of every month for orders
completed & successfully delivered in the previous month.

8. Any product return will be sent to you directly and you will have 7 working days
to credit the amount to us, so that we can process the return transaction for the customers.

9. Any damage / theft or unforeseen circumstances during delivery of orders will be
borne by the brand and will not be the responsibility of REFASH.

10. Please ensure that the pictures of your products are an accurate representation of
the actual product. Any returns due to mismatch in picture and actual product will be the brand’s responsibility.

11. If you are using pictures of an existing product with options for customisation (like
colour choices) included in the listing, make sure it is clear in your description that the photos shown are just examples.

12. REFASH doesn’t guarantee any

13. We will need you to send us 1 product that will be used for promotions and to create
content for our social media platforms.

14. The brand needs to make sure the MRP for each product is including the
shipping cost as we are maintaining a free shipping policy on our platform.

15. The brand has to ensure that the MRP is standard across all online retail
platforms where the brand’s products are showcased.

16. The brand must not reach out to the customers directly, all customer interactions will be undertaken by Refash and the brand will be kept in the loop for the same.

16. The vendor needs to ensure that any order that comes from REFASH needs to be packed and shipped in REFASH packaging. In case the vendor is out of packaging it is the vendor's responsibility to inform REFASH about the same.